Welcome, Beauty & Melody!

Please join us in welcoming Beauty & Melody to the U.S. for their first Midwest tour!

The band traveled over 11,000 miles on Wednesday from Chengdu, China to Chicago, Illinois. Tour manager Shigeyo Henriquez wrote on Wednesday evening, “The plane landed early, but it took over an hour to go through immigration and customs. They are tired after traveling almost 24 hours from Chengdu, but they are safe and happy.”

The band drove to Elgin, Illinois for the night and are now in Minneapolis, Minnesota to pick up their costumes and instruments for the four week tour.

Their tour bus will be outfitted with three rice cookers and an electric wok, so today the band is going shopping at United Noodles, a large Asian supermarket in South Minneapolis. The plan is to stock up on groceries, so that they can make some of their own food while they are traveling. Other shopping stops in town include Best Buy, the Mall of America, and the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market.

After Minneapolis, the band will start the five hour drive to Valley City, North Dakota for their first week of residency activities in the U.S.

Three band members in red and gray track jackets at the airport
Members of Beauty and Melody arrived at the Chicago airport on Wednesday evening. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.


Can’t wait to see you guys at school in about an hour. It will be great I’m sure. We have learned a lot about the Chineese culture in music class. See you there!

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