Guest Blog: Preparing for the Tour

By Cai Lingyun, Interpreter for Beauty & Melody

Cai Lingyun is a project manager with the Cultural Department of Sichuan Province in China. She is currently traveling with Beauty & Melody in the U.S. to act as their interpreter.

Hi, I am Cai (in Chinese pronunciation we call it tsai). I am the interpreter of Beauty and Melody, which is from Sichuan Province of People’s Republic of China.

On September 16, after almost 27 hours long trip of Chengdu—Shanghai—Chicago, we, the 18-member-troupe of Beauty and Melody arrived at Chicago. On September 17, we came to Minneapolis by bus. Yes, everyone was so tired.

We were warmly welcomed by David and the members of Arts Midwest with a welcoming dinner. So joyful and exciting!

Today, we checked the instruments and costumes, visited the office of Arts Midwest, and went to the Mall of America. We also went to Walmart which has branches in Chengdu, too.

And we had a meeting with Ken, the project manager, and Shigeyo who will accompany with us during the next 5 weeks. We talked about workshops in schools and weekend concerts, too. David and Ken have discussed with us many times for the workshops and concerts, both of us want to prepare better for the events.

By the way, this is the first time for me to the United States. And Beauty and Melody have had concerts in Los Angeles in 2005 and 2006. We are glad to know that this time we will have workshops and concerts in Midwest, not only because the scenery in Midwest is beautiful, but also the people in towns or small cities are more warmhearted. We are happy to have a chance to share Chinese traditional music with the people here.

Even though some girls of the ensemble can’t speak English well, I do believe the music played by them will be the best language. Just believe me—come and enjoy our music!

At last, I’d like to say thank you, Arts Midwest! Thank you, David, Ken, Colleen, Kat, Autumn, and so many friends!

A large group photo
The ensemble gathers with Arts Midwest staff for a group photo. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.
Cai Lingyun with two other ensemble members and David Fraher
Our guest blogger, Cai (center) visits David Fraher's office at Arts Midwest. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.


I saw these are very interesting ``
and China is a really nice country```

i believe music can be the best language.
what a wonderful thing you have done
i wish you could share more photos

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