Week 2: Aberdeen, SD

By Shigeyo Henriquez, Tour Manager

Shigeyo Henriquez is the tour manager for Beauty & Melody’s Arts Midwest World Fest tour. She is also a great photographer, so she has been sending us fantastic photographs along with her updates from the road!

Well, we left Valley City on Sunday, September 27th. Aberdeen was only 130 miles from Valley City and we had plenty time to get there. We stopped at the Sheyenne Valley Arts & Crafts Fall Festival in Ft. Ransom, ND—30 miles south of Valley City.

When the Beauty & Melody members stepped into the fairground they were ecstatic. They have never seen a country fair! Bright colored pumpkins, holiday ornaments, music and ATV rides—the time went by so fast.

We arrived in Aberdeen in early afternoon. Stacy Braun met us at the hotel and escorted us to The Ward Hotel for a reception. As always, we received a warm welcome by the community.

Monday, was the first day of workshops in Aberdeen. This is our second week on tour, so workshops have become much easier. The students were attentive, interested and loved to participate. Toward the end of the workshop, Mrs. Mu asked the students some questions, many raised their hands and answered. Mrs. Mu pulled out stuffed pandas and gave them to the students with right answers. You can imagine how excited the kids were.

We just got back from the library where we did a small performance.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy…

Band members in red track suits pose with a local man and his pumpkin display.
Sheyenne Valley Arts & Crafts Fall Festival in Ft. Ransom, ND. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.
Two girls pose with a wreath amidst other crafty wares.
Having fun at one of the many craft booths in the festival grounds. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.
Band in foreground with young children on bleachers watching the performance.
Beauty & Melody perform for elementary school students. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.
Two members of Beauty & Melody teach a man how to play
School workshop in Aberdeen. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.


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