Marquette, Michigan

By Shigeyo Henriquez, tour manager

Beauty and Melody arrived in Marquette, Michigan early on the evening of Sunday, October 18th. This is our last stop of Arts Midwest World Fest tour.

Marquette is beautiful—filled with fall colors, yellow, red, orange, and tall dark green of evergreens.

The first day of workshops was with the students of Northern Michigan University. This class of students are studying world history of music. Their questions reflected details of interests, culture, and history of Chinese music.

We spent another hour with the students in a Chinese language class. The students had a chance to talk with the ensemble one to one.

We will be heading to a small school an hour away from Marquette tomorrow, but H1N1 flu has been spread around the community and we are waiting to hear the decision from the school district. But, if school stays open, Beauty and Melody will continue to reach out and teach and learn each other’s music and culture.

When you see the faces of children for the first time they hear the true and authentic Chinese music, you will realize what World Fest is all about….

Beauty & Melody will play the Forest Roberts Theatre at Northern Michigan University this Friday, October 3rd. For more details, view our events page…

Elementary school workshop in Marquette, Michigan.
Elementary school workshop in Marquette, Michigan. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.
Chinese language students in a classroom.
Beauty & Melody met with Chinese language students at Northern Michigan University. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.


I hope you’re enjoying Marquette and the whole experience. I’m having a great time in Bloomington, Illinois. Please say hello to Cheryl.

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