Thank you, Knoxville!

By Ori Naveh, musician

Today’s guest blogger, Ori Naveh, plays percussion for The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble.

Hi everybody! Here’s a little bit about our last week in Knoxville, Iowa.

The first week of our tour, we arrived in this small pastoral town, which seemed to me like a kind of a typically American place—beautiful landscapes, small lakes, green forests, trees turning orange, yellow, and red. Such wonderful, natural fall beauty.

We met great people from the local community.

The Murphys invited us to a dinner on their farm. We played miniature golf on a temporary course that Jerry built, and Patsy cooked an amazing dinner for us of very tasty local food. Afterwards, we played some of our music for them in their cozy house. The atmosphere was great!

Megan volunteered to host us and take care for all our needs during our week in Knoxville. She took us to see the area, the city of Des Moines, Red Rock lake, the sprint race car museum and the famous race track. However, the race season had ended just before we arrived. The same week that Megan showed us around, she; her husband, Scott; and her father, Dan, opened a brewery called The Peace Tree Brewery. The tasting room is a very high-class, well-designed, warm and cozy space. We tasted all seven of their excellent homemade beers at a pre-opening party some locals attended. We also had a very nice jam session with a few musicians that were amongst the guests. It was a great evening.

We had a really good experience conducting workshops with the students at several local schools and I think they really enjoyed it and were very into our music, stories of Israel, and learning about a new culture.

By the end of the week, almost the entire town knew about us because of all the advertising—flyers all over the town and radio interviews. The final concert was a very big success. The theater was full of people; the energy was very good.

In summary, I am very thankful for the people we met there, the Super 8 motel crew, and especially Megan who made our experience in Knoxville the greatest. I just hope that we will have this kind of experience in the next towns we visit.

Till next time…


Ori Naveh plays percussion on stage.
Ori Naveh, percussionist for The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.


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