Warm Reception

By Lindajoy Fenley, tour manager

Arts Illiana’s offices were filled when we arrived Sunday evening. After introductions and a few questions, members of the ensemble were also interviewed by a local television station. All of us chatted with Terre Haute community members who had put out a delicious spread of food. We took vegetarian soup, cheesecake and other goodies back to our downtown accommodations, which feature kitchenettes in each room.

Week three of our four week tour has begun!

Several people at the reception asked us to make time in an already busy schedule for more activities such as a vocal class at one of the four local universities and a shabat service on Saturday. We’re trying to work the extra activities in because, as Talya Solan, the ensemble’s director says, “we want to reach as many people as possible with our music.”

It seems we’ll be meeting many people this week. On Monday morning, a presentation in the Vigo County Public Library, and musicians and artists at the ArtReach in the evening. All week we will be in elementary, and middle schools as well as with traditional students and lifelong learners at Ivy Tech. Two other television interviews are scheduled. And of course as happens in all of the communities we visit, the ensemble will offer a public concert. The one here is set for 7 p.m. Thursday at Ivy Tech. We hope to see you there!

Musicians on stage
The Israeli Ethnic Ensemble. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.


Where are you? Sundusky, OH?
I’ve been home for a week. It seems strange not waking up in the hotel room and no need to get going to another workshops. I’m playing your song through website and it’s beautiful. I wish I can hear your live music. Shigeyo

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