Beauty & Melody - The End of the Tour

By Shigeyo Henriquez, tour manager

After 6 weeks on the road, warm days in Valley City to shivering in snow in Alexandria and Marquette, sunshine, rain and snow and all, the tour came to the end.

Lots of laughing, lots of shopping, lots of cooking—HOT, HOT dishes in the hotel rooms, sleeping on the bus to the next town, jamming with the locals and bowing to the standing ovation audiences, the tour came to the end.

What do I remember the most?

Probably the last concert in Marquette. The last two songs, Circling Rock and Spanish Bull Fighter, were being played, not all the musicians were on the stage. Some of us watching behind the curtains started to dance with all our might, laughing, giggling without making any noise. We were having fun.

This is the last concert!
The curtain was closed….
The last bow to the audience and all the communities we visited.
Thank you!

I miss them A LOT!

They were very accomplished musicians and a bunch of fun, friendly, appreciative, curious, sincere, and nonjudgmental people. What I mean by “nonjudgmental” is that they don’t judge people by their occupation, attire, properties, etc. Business man or woman, owner of a business, carpenters, bus driver, we are all hard working people.

See you next year!

The view from backstage in Marquette, Michigan.
The view from backstage in Marquette, Michigan. Photo by Shigeyo Henriquez.


If you saw there concert I have no doubt you enjoied it.
It’s more than two weaks since we had to part ways. I will always tresure the time we spent togather. I never once herd anyone in the 43 days say, that’s not my job, or let someone else do it,or anything even close to it. I watched them stand in 40 degrey rain when reloading the bus after a concert just because thay might be able to lend a hand. Everyone helped everyone and everyone took care of everyone. We all worked togather and had alot of fun along the way. It is not posible to spend so much time with such a wonderfull group and not become the best of friends. I hope to stay in contact with all of them and look foward to the day I see them again. In 43 days the hardest day for me was the last one. It was a silent 15 min. ride to the air port. When I pulled in to the air port and stoped the bus to unload. There was not a dry eye on the bus, includeing my own. It was very hard for all of us, but we did not say good by. Instead we said fair well …. We will see each other again.

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