Israeli tour begins

By Lindajoy Fenley

Gorgeous autumn leaves, wonderful weather and friendly UP folks have made the beginning of the Israeli Ethnic Ensemble's tour spectacular. The weather is so unseasonably wonderful that we were able to hold our pre-tour meeting with program director Ken Carlson sitting around a picnic table in Presque Isle, a beautiful city-maintained park.

In addition to our host city, Marquette, MI, with it's vibrant downtown area and beautiful lake vistas, we've seen smaller towns such as Big Bay and Munising. The ensemble has done workshops in all three places.

We took new publicity photos in front of an interesting Marquette landmark, a defunct railroad spur that used to be used to load iron ore onto ships in Lake Superior. Another unusual local landmark is a 15-foot, 40 ton hunk of copper, considered to be the world's largest piece of float copper. The huge hunk of metal, once transported by a glacier, was hauled into Marquette only last month.

Israeli Ethnic Ensemble
The group is ready to begin their Midwest tour!
A 15-foot wide piece of copper rests on the ground in a park.
The world's largest piece of glacial float copper.


As a former, short-term resident of the U. P., I can imagine that you are all enjoying the beautiful fall colors. I hope to catch up with the Israeli Ethnic Ensemble in Wisconsin, with Shigeyo and Eric.


Cheryl Cohen

Thank you Israeli Ethnic Ensemble for coming to Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michgian. You were fantastic!!

That was really an interesting Marquette landmark! Is this taken during autumn? We are planning to travel there next year. I hope I can take pictures are amazing as this :)

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