Arrival in Des Moines

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Almost one week has past since the biggest earthquake, the 40’ tsunami and the nuclear disaster horrified not only people in Japan, but throughout the world. Agatsuma Ensemble, leaving their families and friends at home, arrived in Des Moines as scheduled while the country still tremors.

The fear and worries are in their minds constantly. They are able to communicate with their families on a daily basis. I admire their courage and commitment to Arts Midwest World Fest.

As we visit each town, I believe the communities will be very appreciative, will recognize their strength, and will get to know the ensemble members and their culture through the music.

Looking forward to touring…

Ensemble posing in hotel lobby
Just arrived and ready to take on the tour.
Examining band equipment outside by the tour van
Checking the gear to make sure the Taiko drums and equipment are in good order.


Welcome Agatsuma Ensemble! I wish I could meet you at a concert or workshop…. but alas, I’m far away. I know you will have a wonderful trip and people will be more receptive and interested than ever. I look forward to following you via Midwest Worldfest Road Stories.

I want to thank all of you for coming to share your talents and the beautiful music that you played for us. It is a gift given from your heart. A sharing that will never be forgotten. Music is truly our universal language because it is felt in our souls. Thank you again.

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