Nozaki, Pianist

By Shigeyo Henriquez

The fourth and the last musician I'd like to write about this tour is Nozaki, an incredibly talented pianist. Sometimes he is a comedian, a good storyteller and so often made us laugh. I most admire him for his talent to compose music. He writes music for whatever inspires him.

The first week in Knoxville, we rehearsed the day before the concert. While they practiced the technicians checked the stage lights. The lights went on and off, inspiring him to write a song about lightning bugs from his childhood memories, lights go on and lights go off.

The second week in Alexandria, Bernice took us to see the freshly frosted trees by the lake. Lit by the bright sunlight it was like diamonds were spread over the trees. He wrote about that scene. The melody was so beautiful we all imagined the beauty of frosted trees by the lake.

The third week was Aberdeen, South Dakota. On our way back from the workshop we came to a halt at the train crossing. It was a long freight train traveling and we had to wait and wait. He wrote about "Long Freight Train Crossing." It had the sounds of trains carrying heavy loads, moving slowly and steadily. We had to wait patiently till it past.

Last week in Valley City, ND... the whole town is working hard to stop water flooding the city. Fear and concern of flood leaks were in everyone's minds. He didn't want to touch that subject. He wanted to think of something beautiful and positive.

Up on the hill behind the hotel there was a Medicine Wheel made of massive rocks by a VCSU professor, his students and staff. Also different size rocks were laid out as the solar system. Pluto, no longer considered a planet in our solar system, was found in the rock garden of the solar system. One night we walked up the hill and saw a starry sky. Then he wrote and expressed his joy of finding Pluto and the beautiful starry night in his last music composition of World Fest. He is an amazing pianist, and very talented musician.

Sepia toned portrait of a man playing piano
Portrait of Nozaki at his piano


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