Wust el Balad in Detroit Lakes

By Amy Stoller Stearns

We are loving having Wust el Balad here! What great, great guys! I know this update will be full of exclamation points because it’s all so good!!

Yesterday they performed at Lake Park Audubon High School. The guys rocked. The kids went wild with enthusiasm and the principal couldn’t have been more proud. They also went to Detroit Lakes High School band and choir and did great jobs there, too.

Then, last night we had a lovely dinner at a former board member’s home. It was so much fun! We had our local police chief who is also a sideline musician join us and he played guitar, sang, and jammed. Everyone loved it! The guys seemed so relaxed and comfortable. There was great conversation, music, and food (plus the weather was gorgeous)…it all added up to a perfect night. One woman who was there told me it was one of her “top 10 favorite nights ever.” Very cool!

So, Wust el-Balad is touching lives, making differences, and, it appears to me, to be having a good time! Just wanted you to know that they will be unable to make it to Devils Lake and Hill City as we’ve decided to keep them in Detroit Lakes!

Amy Stoller Stearns is the Executive Director of the Historic Holmes Theatre at the Detroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center in Detroit Lakes, MN.

Classroom with kids and ensemble in a workshop
Wust el Balad workshop in Detroit Lakes, MN


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