Learning about Israel and Québec, Canada

By Stephen Manuszak / Arts Midwest

As we get ready for two exciting years of music with Arts Midwest World Fest, we’re also eager to learn about the artists who will be visiting us from Israel and Québec, Canada.

What is Israel like? Is it hot there? What kind of instruments do they play in Québec? What foods to they eat, and how do you say, “Hello?”

Check out our study guides on Israel and Québec to learn more, and keep watching for guides on China and Brazil!

A plate of poutine (fried potatoes with cheese curds and gravy)
Quebec’s most famous dish, called poutine. “La Banquise Poutine” by Yuri Long (CC BY 2.0)


We are exciting to stay with you sharing our music and culture next year!
Take a look in this video that we did with a community named Carapicuíba, near from São Paulo!
Hugs from Brazil!
Paulo Padilha


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