Le Vent Du Nord in Rice Lake, WI

By Emily Anderson, Photos by Stephen Manuszak

Le Vent Du Nord resumed their tour in Rice Lake, WI after a couple of weeks back with their families in Quebec. The group charmed the community and made some new fans in Wisconsin. Big thanks to Samantha Heathman at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County for putting together an amazing residency and warmly welcoming Le Vent Du Nord into the community.

Singing a capella in front of a group of people
The weeklong residency in Rice Lake began with a reception at University of Wisconsin-Barron County. The intimate setting was perfect for an a cappella rendition of “Le Retour du Fils Soldat,” a song about a soldier who returns home from war and is at first unrecognizable to his mother.

Ensemble performing in a high school gym
Over the course of the week, the band performed three workshops a day! Here they are at Shell Lake High School.

Kids learning foot drumming
A Le Vent Du Nord workshop is not complete without a lesson in foot drumming.

Children dancing in the school gym
The students at Shell Lake Elementary do not need to be told twice to get up and dance when Le Vent Du Nord is playing. Notice the conga lines.

Concert in a darkened theater
As the residency came to a close, the community came out in full force for the public concert at Rice Lake High School on Saturday night. By the end of the concert, the auditorium was alive with excitement and dancing.

A group of fans waiting for an autograph
Fans swarmed the band following the concert and couldn’t thank them enough for bringing the music of Quebec to their community.

Staff members pose for a photo
Staff of Arts Midwest got a little star struck, too. Autumn Patterson, Stephen Manuszak, and Emily Anderson pose with violinist and foot drummer Olivier Demers outside the auditorium at Rice Lake High School. Photo by Tiffany Rodgers.

Staff pose for a photo
Arts Midwest staff with Le Vent du Nord's Olivier Demers.


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