Le Vent du Nord in Orange City, IA

By Emily Anderson

Le Vent du Nord’s last stop on their Arts Midwest World Fest tour was a weeklong residency in Orange City, Iowa. In addition to many workshops at schools in the community, the Juno-award-winning band played at several local coffee shops, giving the community the unique opportunity to experience their music in an intimate, casual setting. Many thanks to Le Vent du Nord for sharing their music throughout the Midwest this fall!

Band performing in a restaurant
Le Vent du Nord performs at the welcome reception at the unique Blue Mountain in Orange City. Photo by Doug Calsbeek.

Musicians performing
Monday night’s short show at Fruited Plain Cafe in Sioux Center warmed the coffee shop with great music and a full house. The band’s sound technician, François, jumps in to play bass here and there. Photo by Janine Calsbeek.

Posting for a photo outside The Old Factory
The group in front of The Old Factory, which is a historic building in Orange City. It was formerly the home of Diamond Vogel Paint. Inside, there are still numbers on the wood floors upstairs indicating paint batch numbers. Photo by Janine Calsbeek.

Lots of musicians playing together
Local Orange City band Usual Suspects joins Le Vent du Nord for a jam session at Old Factory Coffee Shop on Thursday night. They took turns leading each other in song. Francois joined too! Photo by Janine Calsbeek.

Le Vent du Nord performing
Landsmeer Retirement Community enjoyed Le Vent du Nord’s upbeat melodies and interesting instruments. Photo by Janine Calsbeek.

Talking with students
Northwestern College Orchestra students appreciated the discussion as well as the technical ability of the musicians during this workshop. Photo by Janine Calsbeek.


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