Baladino in Orange City, IA

By Emily Anderson, Photos by Eric Young Smith

Midwestern communities have much in common, but there are always fun surprises that make each one stand out for the Arts Midwest World Fest artists. Baladino wrapped up their spring tour in Orange City, Iowa, where they were pleasantly surprised by the old-world European charm of the coffeehouses there.

The ensemble raved about the delicious coffee and the intimate atmosphere of the venues that made their time in Orange City unique. What a wonderful place to wrap up their spring tour with Arts Midwest World Fest!

Small, intimate show in a coffee shop
(Photo by Janine Calsbeek)

Old Factory is one of the distinctive coffeehouse spaces that Baladino will remember fondly from Orange City. It was once a paint store, and certain elements, like numbers painted on the floor, have been preserved. Students from Northwestern College in Orange City took a break from their studies to enjoy the show.

Another small Baladino show in a coffee shop
(Photo by Janine Calsbeek)

Fruited Plain is a coffee shop in Sioux Center, Iowa, and was another favorite for Baladino. Playing for smaller audiences encouraged a level of connection that just isn’t possible in an auditorium.

Yael and Janine pose for a photo, smiling

Janine Calsbeek of Orange City Arts Council is the fantastic community host who organized many elements of Baladino’s residency. After months of planning, she was thrilled to finally meet Yael Badash and Baladino at a wonderful reception at Blue Mountain Culinary Emporium in Orange City, Iowa.

Daniel and his upright bass

Janine was all smiles in the background, ready to document everything as Daniel Sapir demonstrated various techniques of playing the upright bass in a workshop.

High school auditorium with students in seats

Unity Christian High School students pack the house for an assembly to enjoy a Baladino concert. Students loved learning how members of the band became musicians, and the day offered an opportunity for students to find connections with the people and music of Israel.

View of Tomer and Yonnie from backstage, looking out onto the auditorium seats filled with students

Tomer Moked and Yonnie Dror engage in a playful duel onstage at Unity Christian School.

Tomer shows the fiddle to a few young students

After the show, Tomer offered these home-schooled students a closer look at his fiddle and took some time to answer their questions.

We’ll miss Baladino now that the tour is over, but we know our new friends will stay in touch. They brought much joy to Orange City and all the communities they visited this spring. We wish them all the best!


Baladino, come back to Orange City anytime! We loved you!

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