Paulo Padilha and Group are ready to take on the Midwest!

By Ken Carlson

Who can tell that Paulo Padilha and Group just finished 12 hours of travel from Sao Paulo to Minneapolis/St. Paul? Don’t they look great? Here, the group members are feeling pretty good because they all have shiny, new Wells Fargo bank accounts with even a little cash in the accounts!

The ensemble arrived on Thursday, September 25th to start work the next day with workshops in two St. Paul schools and a public concert Saturday night at The Cedar Cultural Center. From there the ensemble visits communities in South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Check out our events page for more information on the tour.

Paulo Padilha and Group at Wells Fargo bank

Left to right: Paul from Wells Fargo; Beto who is the road manager; Dani (in red with scarf) from the group; Ken from Arts Midwest; Léo (standing in back) from the group; Toni (in red with glasses) from Wells Fargo; Samba Sam (tallest person in back) from the group; Paulo Padilha (striped shirt); Vani from Wells Fargo; and André from the group.


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