Sisseton, South Dakota Enjoys Paulo Padilha and Group

By Emily Anderson

Last week in Sisseton, SD, a community of around 3,000 people, Paulo Padilha and Group were instant celebrities. Not only did they have a phenomenal showing at their public concert at the Sisseton Performing Arts Center and share their music with many of the surrounding elementary and high schools, but they were even recognized instantly by community members from the posters announcing their visit.

Spending the week in the small, rural community of the Sisseteon Wahpeton Oyate was in many respects a study of contrasts for Paulo Padilha and Group, who live in São Paulo, Brazil, which is a city of more than 11 million people. Making friends with the locals and getting accustomed to the open landscapes, the group was as pleased to learn about the local culture through traditional Dakota songs and dances as they were to share samba music with an inviting audience.

Radio Interview
Photo by Beto Gonzalez

Paulo was interviewed live on South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Listen here to what Paulo had to say about his workshops in Sisseton and his music.

Photo by Beto Gonzalez

Workshop in Sisseton
Photo by Beto Gonzalez

During workshops at local high schools, the group had no trouble finding volunteer musicians! The kids loved being on stage with the group.

Showing map of Brazil
Photo by Beto Gonzalez

Paulo making a map of Brazil with his guitar.

With pendeiro
Photo by Beto Gonzalez

Paulo making his way through the audience with the pandeiro, a small hand drum from Brazil.

Drumming demonstration
Photo by Beto Gonzalez

Group member Dani Zulu leads students in drumming with the pandeiro.

Paulo with Facebook Bulletin Board
Photo by Beto Gonzalez

Live-action Facebook! Paulo was happy to pose with the bulletin board that students created in anticipation of Paulo’s workshops.

Paulo at Elementary School Workshop
Photo by Beto Gonzalez

With twenty years of teaching experience, Paulo is in his element as he prepares to lead these elementary students in a workshop.


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