Orange City, Iowa has a blast with Paulo Padilha and Group

By Ken Carlson

Cups were dancing on saucers at The Old Factory Coffee Shop in Orange City, Iowa as Paulo Padilha and Group performed there last week! Once that samba rhythm gets rolling nothing and no one can resist it! A scheduled 45 minute mini-concert stretched to 90 as the ensemble picked up speed and rhythm like a locomotive on the track. The group just carried the audience along with it. It was a fun night made even more enjoyable by a special menu item for the evening: Brazilian beans and rice. What a night!

Old Factory
Photo by Janine Calsbeek

Photo by Janine Calsbeek

The next morning Paulo and the group visited Northwestern College and led a workshop for music students. As is typical in nearly any workshop Paulo leads, he not only taught audience members about samba rhythm (note the rhythms written out for attendees on the board) but he also got them up and doing it. If you’d like to have your own Samba lesson from Paulo, check out his series of tutorials on samba rhythms he calls Samba Drops. And if you’d like to hear more about his music, check out this interview from KWIT in Sioux City, Iowa!


We LOVE Paulo & Group!

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