Paulo Padilha and Group in Bemidji, Minnesota

By Emily Anderson

Paulo Padilha and Group’s residency in Bemidji , Minnesota started strong with residencies at local schools, where Paulo and Samba Sam delighted young students with their samba beats, demonstrations of Brazilian drums, and a fun trick with the cuíca called “mouse and dog.”

The cuíca is a Brazillian drum that is known for having a squeaky pitch. In Portuguese, cuíca means opossum, and the drum’s name refers to the opossum’s squeak.

Paulo playing the pandeiro, which is a tambourine, for students at St. Philips Parochial School. Photo by Beto González.

Huge thanks to our community partner in Bemidji, the Headwaters School for Music. In addition to coordinating the workshops and events of their residency, they also made sure to give the group a chance to enjoy the scenery in beautiful Bemidji. Here is host Janet Brademan with the group! Photo by Beto González.

Paulo and the Group were warmly welcomed at Cass Lake Elementary School. Photo by Beto González.

Students filled the bleachers in the gym at Cass Lake Elementary. Photo by Beto González.

At Schoolcraft Learning Community, Samba Sam delights young students with the cuíca’s squeaking sound. Photo by Beto González.

Paulo’s demonstrations are never boring! He gets the students’ attention by jumping right into the audience. Photo by Beto González.

Photo by André Magalhães.

Though it was a packed schedule in Bemidji, the group did have the opportunity to take in some local scenery. They found the headwaters of the Mississippi River to be particularly emotional and symbolic of their intention to spread their music with this tour, just as the quiet lake picks up momentum and becomes a river.


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