Paulo Padilha and Group in Wisconsin

By Emily Anderson. Photos by Dean Yohnk and Doug Edwardsen.

Rice Lake, Cumberland, Shell Lake, and Barron gave Paulo Padilha and Group a warm welcome to Northwestern Wisconsin this week. Big thanks to University of Wisconsin Barron County for their work in creating partnerships that have made Arts Midwest World Fest a success in Wisconsin.

The group was thrilled to meet some of the locals who have helped bring Arts Midwest World Fest to their community.

Paulo Padilha and Group at reception
An intimate crowd gathered for a welcome reception at University of Wisconsin Barron County.


Addressing a crowd in a gym

Retired Cumberland High School teacher Mike Clay served on the committee that helped organize workshops at area schools. Here he proudly sports his Brazil jersey at a workshop at Cumberland High School.

Percussion workshop with Paulo Padilha and Group

These percussion students were particularly excited to add samba beats learned from Paulo Padilha and Group into their repertoire. It’s not every day these students have the opportunity to learn the music of Brazil at their own high school!

Group photo with Mark Ratzlaff

Mark Ratzlaff, who has been involved in Arts Midwest World Fest through his role as plant manager at 3M in Cumberland, took some time to meet the group this week. Mark will be moving on to a new assignment with 3M, which will take him to a different state. Best of luck to Mark on his new adventure, and thanks for all he’s done for his community and for Arts Midwest World Fest!


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