Shanren in Rice Lake, WI

By Shigeyo Henriquez

From January 18–24, Shanren visited communities in Northwest Wisconsin, including Rice Lake, Cumberland, Barron, and Shell Lake. The ensemble hosted school and community workshops and drew laughs and eager participants at every stop.

Shanren road manager Shigeyo Henriquez took photos throughout their week in Wisconsin.

Shanren shares some work during a welcome reception at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County.

During a workshop at Hilltop Elementary in Rice Lake, everyone enjoys Shanren’s performance.

Students try to play music using leaves with Li Guohua. This is very difficult, and so far no one has been able to make any sounds—but they try and try!

The fighting dragon dance with Fu Te is one of the most exciting and fun activities of each workshop.

Fu Te demonstrates mountain singing by sharing the loud, long calls that people in the mountains use to communicate with each other across long distances. Students are asked to respond as “echoes” in the mountains.

Fu Te draws smiles while acting like a defeated dragon about to be knocked into a deep pit.

Students and teachers at Cumberland High School enjoy dancing the “Left Foot Dance of the Yi.” The rest of the students and teachers give big laughs and applause.

Shanren talks with Cumberland High School music students about the differences and similarities between Chinese tribal music and Western music.

The members of Shanren have also enjoyed learning about local Wisconsin culture. Shanren shared lunch with Brenda Shelby, human resources manager at 3M Cumberland, and the group was so intrigued by the mounts of huge elk and deer at this local restaurant.

Shanren pauses for a quick photo shoot while walking across frozen Rice Lake.