Paulo Padilha and Group in Medina, OH

By Beto González

Tours never go exactly as planned, and such was the case with Paulo Padilha and Group’s visit to the Medina, Ohio area last week. The winds howled, snow fell by the shovels full, and temperatures fell to dangerous lows that cancelled schools and our workshops with them. Our Brazilian boys wondered just what they had gotten themselves into.

Despite it all, Thomas Sigel at our partner organization ORMACO thoughtfully and quickly scheduled workshops in places where they could happen despite the cold, folks from Ohio demonstrated their resolve and came to the concerts and events that the weather could not interrupt, and Paulo and the guys rose to the challenge of last minute schedule changes and difficult weather.

The opening reception at Kent State University’s Stark Campus afforded Paulo and the guys a chance to meet Thomas Sigel and other key local contacts for the week in a pleasant intimate setting. A little conversation, a little music—a great way to start the week!

A great crowd turned out Tuesday morning at the Medina County District Library to hear Paulo and the group.

One workshop that quickly organized in light of other cancellations took place at Chapel Hill Retirement Home in Canal Fulton. The residents and the ensemble could not have been more pleased about spending time together.

It’s great to have the local media take an interest in Arts Midwest World Fest tours. Here’s Paulo interviewing with Matt & Tina, Morning Co-Hosts at Wadsworth Community Radio!

Paulo signed CDs after the show at Puffenberger Hall in Canal Fulton’s North West High School.

Quite a few Brazilians also showed up for the concert! Paulo and André posed with the Brazilian crew that came out to the show.

Paulo and the band then posed with two student audio engineers, Grecia and Kyle, who helped run the sound for the show.


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