Paulo Padilha and Group in Midland, MI

By Beto González

Paulo Padilha and group had a great visit in Midland, Michigan. The weather continued cold most of the week and what better way to warm up than to dance to catchy Brazilian rhythms.

That’s just what happened at Jefferson Middle School where students were incredibly enthusiastic at the workshop! These boys just broke out in spontaneous dancing and more and more kids began to join them. By the end of the workshop Paulo had most of the kids in a conga line.

Kids dancing with the band in a school gymnasium

At Western High School students join Paulo and group onstage for his “te-cutuco-não-cutuco” (I-poke-you-I-don’t-poke-you) rhythm demonstration. Always lots of fun.

High school students laughing on stage with the band

At Carpenter Elementary Paulo surprises the kids as he enters with pandeiro and a little later Samba Sam wows the kids with the squeaky cuíca!

School gym filled with elementary students watching the musicians

Workshop with elementary students

Heritage High School students in Saginaw join Paulo onstage to learn tamborim and ganzá skills and work on their choreography!

Students on stage with the band

It’s always nice to connect socially with folks from the community. There’s a thriving Brazilian community in Midland and Paulo and the guys got to have dinner with this group one evening. Here Paulo entertains at the home of David and Adriana Frey. Such lovely hospitality!

Signing programs after the concert

A great crowd turned out for Paulo’s public concert at the Midland Center for the Arts and, aside from the music itself, one of the most joyful parts for everyone is getting to connect afterwards. Here the guys sign CDs and concert programs for delighted concert-goers.

The weeks in each community just wouldn’t succeed without the valiant efforts of our local contacts or organize the week and accompany the ensemble at each stop. Here’s a shot of our Midland hosts with the group. That’s Debbie, Heather, Leo, Paulo, Samba Sam, and André stopping for a photo before hurrying on to the next event.

Posing outside in the snow with Michigan hosts


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