Paulo Padilha and Group in Indiana

By Beto González

When Paulo Padilha and Group had pretty much lost all hope of ever being warm again, along comes a positively pleasant week of weather in the lovely Hanover and Madison, Indiana area.

The first stop can hardly be more appropriate for a music group—the ensemble were welcomed at Crawdaddy Music where everyone had a chance to connect and get a little taste of the music Paulo’s ensemble would share during the week.

Hanover and Madison endured a lot of unusually rough weather in the weeks leading to Paulo’s Arts Midwest World Fest residency. The weather closed schools and upset plans of all kinds. Paulo was so pleased that, despite this difficulty, many area schools were still willing to set aside their own plans to make room for the ensemble to visit. Here’s the group at work at Shawe High School.

And here’s the ensemble at Southwestern High School where Paulo has students up and on their feet.

Paulo often likes to begin his workshops by walking among attendees as he introduces them to the sound and rhythm of the pandeiro, a cornerstone instrument in Brazilian music. Here he’s enjoying a rhythmic stroll among students from Carroll school just across the state line in Carrollton, Kentucky.

The ensemble met a great bunch of folks from Hanover College. It’s the Hanover College pep band. The band spent some time rehearsing with Paulo’s ensemble and then joined them on stage with their instruments for the last song of the concert. They did a great job and Paulo really appreciated their willingness to join the group in this way.

And after 40 days of touring, here we are at Lydia Middleton Elementary School. It was a wonderful school and a wonderful bunch of students. Thanks to everyone in Hanover and Madison and especially to Jim Stark, Kayla Snabl, and Jeff Schmaltz for their efforts to help the week go smoothly.