Busy, but peaceful, in Adrian, MI

By Lindajoy Fenley

A reception awaited Aysenur Kolivar’s ensemble in Adrian, MI, soon after the group drove in from Ohio on Sunday afternoon—and the schedule has been eventful ever since.

Amid the bustle, however, members of the group found time for moments of peace at the Adrian Dominican’s Weber Center where they were housed and fed for the week. The grounds at the center, which also houses many retired Catholic nuns, feature a peaceful labyrinth and a nature walk, where it’s not unusual to spot deer, otter, ducks, and birds.

School workshops this week included every possible age group—from preschoolers, where Aysenur’s daughter Asude fit right in…..

…. to music classes at Adrian College, where all the students danced and Alyssa Larson and Kali Snead explored how they might play the unique Turkish bagpipe called tulum.

Media interviews played a big part of the week in Adrian. Onur Senturk and Alpay Surucu accompanied Aysenur to an early morning trip to the NBC affiliate in Toledo, Ohio. That meant they were on the road before the break of dawn and watched the sun rise on the way back to Adrian. That same day Paul Mallory, a recent high school graduate who studied video and audio production in school, interviewed all four ensemble members for the school district’s local cable television station, and journalist Dan Cherry wrote a story for the Daily Telegram. Cherry was in the packed Madison High School auditorium that filled up with elementary, middle and high school students who applauded enthusiastically after every Turkish song.

The workshop schedule also included evening presentations at the public library and one of the chapels on the Adrian Dominican Campus. One of the oldest Dominican nuns, 101-year-old Sister Maura, came to the chapel to hear the Turkish music in person while many of the other older nuns watched it on closed-circuit television in their residences.

The last day of Michigan workshops was held in the neighboring town of Hudson where the ensemble shared their music and culture with students in the afternoon and community members in the evening. A local group of musicians provided the music during dinner at a local restaurant.


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