Wahpeton, ND, puts an exclamation point on Baladino’s fall tour!

By Ken Carlson

Baladino had a wonderful week in Wahpeton, ND, where the ensemble’s first tour with the 2015–2017 Arts Midwest World Fest came to an end.

Our program partners Wayne Beyer and Mary Gibbons had all the details in order, and the week included a wonderful assortment of workshops and connections with students and adults all over Wahpeton and its sister city of Breckenridge. Thanks to the Three Rivers Arts Council for being our Arts Midwest World Fest partner!

All photos and descriptions below are by Eric Young Smith, the road manager on tour with Baladino.

Breckenridge music teachers Sarah Gifford and Joyce Manning offer a few American folks songs to welcome Baladino at a friendly reception in Red Door Gallery of Wahpeton.

Baladino returns the favor with an acoustic number of their own at Red Door Gallery.

Music students at Wahpeton High School enjoy a workshop, where they have an extensive discussion about Mediterranean and Middle Eastern music.

Yonnie poses with one of his biggest fans at Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton.

Our friend, Wayne Beyer, introduces Baladino to a small class of music students in a master class at Breckenridge High School in neighboring Breckenridge, MN.

Yshai offers a verbal history of the frame drum for Breckenridge High School students.

Students from Central Elementary and St. John’s Parochial Schools listen closely to Yonnie’s biblical references about his instrument, the shofar.

Tomer borrows a frame drum to get the Central Elementary and St. John’s parochial students up and dancing.

Bryan Poyzer directs his choir students at North Dakota State College of Science in a musical offering for Baladino before a master class at Bremer Auditorium.

A quick pose during setup at Breckenridge Elementary with Corinna Erickson, principal at Breckenridge Middle School; Erin Gunderson, director at Breckenridge Library; and Wayne Beyer, board member at Three Rivers Arts Council.

Sometimes a single class period is simply not enough to answer all questions or to demonstrate all instruments. Here, Breckenridge Middle School students visit with Baladino after a workshop to ask a few more questions.

Breckenridge students present Yael with a gift and pose for a quick photo.

Isaac Webster demonstrates his flute for Yonnie at Circle of Nations School.

Circle of Nations students stop for a photo with Baladino after a great workshop.

A great team photo to remember a great week in Wahpeton, ND!


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