Baladino connects with groups of all ages in Adrian, MI

By Ken Carlson

Baladino enjoyed a splendid week in Adrian, Michigan. Jere Righter and her Croswell Opera House staff did a wonderful job with plans for the week.

It’s so nice to hear from people in the community who enjoyed the band and what this program is trying to accomplish. Below is one such comment – with special thanks to Adrian resident Ann Knisel. It’s the kind of outcome for which we hope!

You know how you have certain times in your life when the people you are with and the activity you are engaged in leave a lasting memory? This was one of those weeks for me! These musicians were some of the best I have ever heard and the chance to get to know them just a little bit will be with me until I am unable to remember anymore. I can’t thank all of you enough for making each day the week of April 10 – 16 special and memorable. I am looking forward to planning for our next guests this Fall. Shalom!

– Ann Knisel

All photos and descriptions below are by Eric Young Smith, the road manager on tour with Baladino.

The Ladies Lake League treated Baladino to a heartwarming reception at St. Mary’s of the Lake.

When Yael invited all to dance, everyone took advantage at Sacred Heart School in Hudson.

Baladino members snap a photo with workshop attendees and Principal John Williams at Addison High School.

Baladino performs a workshop at Veritas Academy in Adrian.

Yael was presented with many questions about her vocal style and career after the Veritas workshop.

Julie Dolan, Erik Gable, and Band Director Brad Sharp work with Baladino during set up for participation in Adrian High School’s excellent Jazz and World Music Festival!

On a trip to Hudson, MI, Baladino was treated to bluegrass music of The Capps at a venue called Rumors.

Baladino followed up with an inspiring performance that thrilled the house. Here, Baladino poses with a multitude of new friends and hosts in Hudson, MI.

A day after Adrian High School’s celebration of music, Baladino ensemble members offer workshops to music students. Here Tomer Moked talks about Middle Eastern and Arabic scales…

….and music students from Adrian, Tecumseh, and other area schools are tutored in the unconventional performance techniques of Daniel Sapir.

After their concert, Baladino stops for a photo while thanking their exceptional hosts for the week at the Croswell Opera House. In the photo L-R: Yael Badash, Jere Righter, Daniel Sapir, Yshai Afterman, Tomer Moked, Yonnie Dror, Sherrie Beaubien, Steven Krause, Erik Gable, and Rachel Oldfield.


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