The postman has nothing on Anda Union

By Ken Carlson

It’s said the postman always delivers. So does Anda Union. Most school workshops take place in gymnasiums, or choral rooms, or auditoriums, so that’s what Anda Union expected when they pulled up to Whiteside Elementary in Belleville, IL, to get ready for its afternoon workshop.

It was a pleasant, warm day—windy though with the threat of rain in clouds overhead—but still a very nice late September day. The Whiteside principal met Anda and asked that the workshop be held outside instead of indoors. A very nice idea given the generally pleasant day, but not something Anda Union was prepared for. Would the rain stay away? Would the wind be too disruptive? Could the ensemble succeed outside? Only one way to find out.

Anda bravely set up on the outdoor stage and delivered the very first outdoor workshop Arts Midwest World Fest has ever known. And a fine workshop it was as you will see from this video excerpt!

Video: Anda Union performs at Whiteside on YouTube

Other activities during the week included additional school workshops in and around Lebanon, a visit to the local Rotary Club, and a splendid public concert. Splendid in the eyes of this Twitter user anyway!

Here’s a nice photo of Anda with our venerable McKendree University host, Peter Palermo (top center in the shades).

Photo courtesy of McKendree University.

And a second of Peter with members of the group in McKendree’s lovely Hettenhausen Center for the Arts. It was a great week and a great way to begin this four week tour.

Photo by Ken Carlson.


I loved watching the video…. and also remembering a visit to The Hett. Indeed, Anda Union delivered!

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