Anda Union makes connections around Plymouth, IN

By Ken Carlson, photos by Debi Gidley of Encore Performing Arts

Debi Gidley and Encore Performing Arts welcomed Anda Union to town October 3, and when the week was over, Anda Union knew the area almost as well as the locals. The week included visits not only in Plymouth but also in the neighboring communities of Bremen, Walkerton, and Culver.

By the end of the week, eleven workshops, one reception, one radio interview, and one public concert later were all history and judging by the photos below, Anda left a fine impression with the folks in northwestern Indiana.

The principal at one of the schools even sent this enthusiastic note, “THANK YOU so much for bringing this international group to Bremen High School. Our students and staff members are still buzzing about the high quality and the unique culture that they witnessed today! WELL DONE!”

Anda Union performed for 500 students at Riverside Intermediate School in Plymouth—an experience Tim Pearce, manager of the group, proclaimed as “amazing.” Here, Sai Hanniya and Lilianda demonstrate and teach traditional Inner Mongolian dance.

3M has been a loyal program sponsor for years, and we’re incredibly fortunate. Anda Union was pleased to stop by the Plymouth, IN, plant for a short visit. Joining the group for a photo is Diana Schoof on the far left and Plant Manager DJ Fishbaugh on the far right.

Culver Academies hosted Anda for several workshops. Chinese students who attend Culver Academies were eager to connect with the musicians afterward, and this young student got to try playing the horsehead fiddle. Later a nice photo on the steps.

Culver Academies keeps its own stable of fine horses. As horse lovers themselves, members of Anda Union enjoyed visiting the Equestrian Center.

Debi Gidley’s grandchildren came to a library workshop and were luckier than most to get some personal time with the group. We so enjoy seeing happy connections like these as global ensembles visit our partner communities. Left to right is Branson, AJ, Wurigen, Emersyn, with Irelynn standing in front of Qinggele.


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