Manhu in Corydon, Indiana

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Our Corydon welcome reception was held at the beautiful home of Dr. and Mrs Mark Eastridge. It was the first time Manhu was able to visit someone’s home. We sat around the table on the porch looking out at the beautiful garden in the woods. Deer grazed in distance as we raised our glasses to toast.

Manhu enjoyed the home cooking. Delicious desserts were laid out on the table, but Manhu kindly refused. They are generally not sweets eaters. Susan Eastridge gave us a tour of their home. Manhu was very interested to see an American home and adored the Eastridge home.

Workshop at Lanesville.

Josh asks for some volunteers to lean how to play leaves. Many students raise their hands. Not enough time for everyone to try but Josh chooses a few. It’s very difficult to make a sound. When students try to make sounds only blowing sounds come out and everybody laughs. They will pick a leaf and keep trying at their own time. Almost all Sani people can play leaves. They learned to play since they were very young.

We had a visitor at North Harrison Elementary school. Miah Michaelsen, Deputy Director, Indiana Arts Commission, came and engaged in the workshop. From the left Miah Michaelsen, Awa and Catherine Turcotte. They danced to Sani music.

Dancing and singing is in the heart of all Sani people. Eva Bates, North Town Council President, Town of Corydon, joined the dance.

Workshop for choir and band students at South Central high. First the band played Sweet Caroline and Manhu played their songs. Manhu generally explains their music in greater depth when working with students.

Miah Michaelsen, Catherine Turcotte, Eva Bates attended the workshop and participated in singing and dancing.

We drove to Louisville, KY to see the last concert of the season, WFPK Waterfront Wednesday Concert. We parked the bus on the Indiana side and walked across the pedestrian bridge to Louisville. We sat on the grass with BBQ and enjoyed listening to the country and rock bands. It was a beautiful evening.