Manhu concert in Corydon

By Shigeyo Henriquez

We had a great turn out in Corydon for Manhu’s public concert. Students we met during the week brought their parents, grandparents, siblings and friends, and Main Street Corydon’s patrons and community people came too. Everybody knew everyone.

The concert was Manhu’s last performance of the week on our last day in Corydon. Many thanks to Catherine Turcotte, Eva Bates, and everyone involved in making Manhu’s concert so successful and our stay in Corydon so comfortable. Thank you for participating in all the school workshops and your suggestion of activities on our off time.

Eva guided us to Indiana Caverns, we went to Louisville and saw a concert, and bought fresh local produce at Friday’s farmer’s market where we met many community people. We saw your hard work and commitments. We will miss you tremendously.

Jin Hongmei whose Sani name is Alan sings Sani folk song, dressed in traditional Sani clothing made of hand woven linen, hand stitched and detailed embroidery.

Young or old, nearly everyone lined up on the aisle and danced to Dasanxian dance song.