"Earth Meeting Caravan" begins

By Ken Carlson, Senior Director

Ondekoza tour dedicated to the memory of Mitsuo Tamura

Arts Midwest World Fest band Ondekoza has just arrived in Minnesota to begin a five-week tour to communities in the Western half of our region. Their tour will be dedicated to the memory of producer, director, and artist Mitsuo Tamura.

Mitsuo Tamura Mitsuo Tamura was our mentor and friend. It was as a result of Tamura-san’s leadership, knowledge and infectious energy that Arts Midwest was able to introduce Midwestern audiences to the beauty and power of Japanese music—first the Bamboo Orchestra, then Agatsuma and now with Ondekoza. Together with Tamura-san, Ondekoza has traveled the globe sharing the sounds of Japan and promoting collaboration and peace between nations through intercultural sharing and understanding.

Before his passing, Tamura-san and Ondekoza named their journey the “Earth Meeting Caravan.” While he is no longer with us physically, Ondekoza believes his spirit still travels with them on their journey, including this Arts Midwest World Fest tour. We miss Tamura-san’s kindness, thoughtful perspective, humor, and generosity.

Arts Midwest and Ondekoza dedicate this tour to Mitsuo Tamura.

Let this music that he loved fill your hearts!

Mitsuo Tamura