Unni Boksasp Ensemble welcomed to Corydon

By Ken Carlson, Senior Program Director

Welcome receptions are a small part of each residency week but they can do so much to set the tone and get the week off to a good start. Such was the case in Corydon, Indiana. It seems the Unni Boksasp Ensemble could not have felt any more at home in Norway than the members did in Corydon.

Our hosts, Main Street Corydon, arranged for the reception to take place at the home of Leah and Steve Porter. The ensemble walked into a home decorated with bold and subtle Norwegian touches everywhere. Here’s the table complete with little messages of welcome written in Norwegian.

Norwegian flag table cloth
All photos by George Cruze.

Steve went all out and wore and an especially appropriate pair of socks!

Steve's Norwegian flag socks

We hope the reception can be a place where friendships begin right away! It’s a place where the ensemble can introduce itself through conversation and a little taste of music, but equally so, a place for the community to share a little of its culture and personality. We’ve had some lovely moments over the years and Corydon added several more. Unni and her group shared a little music.

Unni Boksasp and her ensemble performing at the welcome reception in Corydon
Unni Boksasp and her ensemble performing at the welcome reception in Corydon, Indiana.

Then Leah played at the piano:

Leah playing at the piano

And then Dave “Mr. Angel” Frizzell and the group had some fun together.

The week included a perfect assortment of workshops with very receptive student audiences from all over the county. Here’s the group in action in Lanesville.

First workshop in Lanesville, Indiana

And not only did the ensemble perform, it also had the pleasure of hearing some student performances at North Harrison. A high school chorale group performed for Unni’s group and then took time for a fun photo!

Getting silly with the choir!

Kenneth and Mattis jamming on Cissy Strut for students.

Concert day resulted in another fun surprise—a Kentucky Derby theme! Here’s everyone in riding hats ready to go. Unni’s ensemble enjoyed working with and getting to know Angel and Eva. They did a terrific job and made the week a pleasure.

The Unni Boksasp Ensemble enjoying a Kentucky Derby themed concert day
From left to right: Eva North (Corydon Town Council President), Kenneth (percussion), Mia (fiddle), Unni (vocals, fiddle, zither), Fridtjof (sound engineer), George (tour manager), Angel Frizzel (Director at Main Street Corydon).

These weeks are really about connections – we are so glad whenever and wherever they happen. Here’s Unni, Kenneth and Mattis post-concert spending some time with audience members. Beneath is a final shot with our wonderful hosts, Angel (left) and Eva (right).

Unni talking to students after the final performance

Full group photo