Unni Boksasp Ensemble Enjoys Marietta

By Ken Carlson, Senior Program Director

Unni and her ensemble rolled into beautiful Marietta, Ohio located on the banks of the Ohio River. It’s always nice when the ensemble has a chance to enjoy aspects of the community. Unni had time to take in the view at the river one sunny afternoon.

Unni Boksasp
Photo by Mia Marin.

And here Unni and Fridtjof had time for a cup of local coffee and the pleasure of dancing to delightful accordion music by community member Joe Claghorn to go with it!

Joe Claghorn, local community member, performs accordion music outside of the coffee shop.
Unni and Fridjof dancing to Joe Claghorn’s accordion music. Photo by Mia Marin.

But Hunt Brawley and Chuck Swaney at People’s Bank Theatre had lots of work planned for the ensemble. Monday got off to an exciting start as students streamed from school buses to Peoples Bank Theatre for morning and afternoon workshops. Great audiences in a lovely space. A nice way to start the week!

Students entering Peoples Bank Theatre for Unni's workshops.
Students entering Peoples Bank Theatre for Unni’s workshops. Photo by Drew Tanner.

Later in the day, Peoples Bank hosted a reception in which the ensemble shared some of its music and had the pleasure of meeting community members including Sadie Johnson, a very talented local musician from Marietta College. Sadie and the ensemble quickly found common ground and enjoyed playing together as you can see.

The ensemble enjoyed visits to many locations during the week. Here’s the group at St. Mary’s School and then Marietta High School.

Workshop at St. Mary's School
Photo by George Cruze.

Workshop at Marietta High School.
Photo by George Cruze.

On Friday night, the group exchanged songs and conversation with location musicians at Jeremiah’s Coffee Shop downtown.

Jam session at Jeremiah's Coffe Shop downtown.
Photo by George Cruze.

And as with most weeks, the Marietta residency concluded with a public concert. Here is the group in concert at People’s Bank Theatre. You’ll notice the connection with Sadie Johnson grew so strong, she sat in with the ensemble on a couple of pieces to end the concert.

Sadie Johnson sits in with the Unni Boksasp Ensemble for their final concert in Marietta, Ohio.
Left to right is Mia, Unni, Sadie, Kenneth and Mattis. Photo by Drew Tanner.

Kenneth and his amazing drum set up
Kenneth and his incredible drum and percussion set up. Photo by Drew Tanner.

Thanks to Hunt, Chuck, Drew, Bradford and the whole team at Peoples Bank Theatre and to the Marietta community as well!