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Le Vent Du Nord in Medina, OH

By Stephen Manuszak

Le Vent Du Nord—“The North Wind”—arrived in Cleveland on the heels of a snowstorm to start their final tour as part of Arts Midwest World Fest. The group had just finished tours through Europe and Alberta, Canada, as well as Idaho and Montana, but their workshops were as energetic and joyful as ever.

Their week in Medina, Ohio, and the surrounding area started with a welcome reception that included homemade sweets, a short performance, and discussions with local residents, including the mayor of Medina.

Baladino in Grand Forks, ND

By Emily Anderson, Photos by Eric Young Smith

Although Baladino’s tour with Arts Midwest World Fest has come to a close, the spirited energy they’ve brought into the communities they’ve visisted in the Midwest will remain long after the tour.

Baladino in Sisseton, SD

Baladino in concert

By Emily Anderson, Photos by Eric Young Smith

Sisseton, South Dakota is a community that many visitors from other countries may not find an opportunity to visit when traveling in the United States. Earlier this month, however, Baladino spent a week performing and giving workshops in Sisseton, and the group was impressed by the rich Native American culture and strong sense of community on the Lake Traverse Dakota Indian reservation.

Baladino in Rice Lake, WI

Adults posting together in a school gymnasium

By Emily Anderson, Photos by Eric Young Smith

It seems like the members of Baladino make fast friends in every community they visit with Arts Midwest World Fest. Their week in Rice Lake, Wisconsin was no exception. Even with bone-chilling cold fronts preoccupying the region, the band’s experiences of wonder and awe at Midwestern snow and cold lightened the mood in Rice Lake, as did the playfulness and warmth of the Mediterranean melodies they shared in workshops and performances.

Minneapolis charmed by Baladino

Baladino kicked off their spring tour last week with stops across the Twin Cities. From visits to a local radio station, Arts Midwest offices, and the local headquarters of the program’s primary sponsor, to a stellar performance at The Dakota Jazz Club, the five-member ensemble charmed Minneapolis, making fast friends with our staff, our donors, and local arts patrons.

Le Vent Du Nord in DeKalb, IL

By Emily Anderson, Photos by Eric Young Smith

Le Vent Du Nord is back on tour with Arts Midwest World Fest! The first stop was DeKalb, Illinois, where the band led local language and music students in workshops on Québecois folk music. Throughout their time with Arts Midwest World Fest, the band has conducted some incredible workshops, and this residency was no exception.

Baladino to perform at the Dakota Jazz Club, Minneapolis


This February, Baladino’s Arts Midwest World Fest tour will include a special stop at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis for a public concert on Saturday, February 22 at 8:00 pm.

Le Vent du Nord in Orange City, IA

By Emily Anderson

Le Vent du Nord’s last stop on their Arts Midwest World Fest tour was a weeklong residency in Orange City, Iowa. In addition to many workshops at schools in the community, the Juno-award-winning band played at several local coffee shops, giving the community the unique opportunity to experience their music in an intimate, casual setting. Many thanks to Le Vent du Nord for sharing their music throughout the Midwest this fall!

Le Vent du Nord in Sisseton, SD

By Emily Anderson

Le Vent du Nord was warmly welcomed at the brand new Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribal headquarters for the start of their week-long residency in Sisseton, South Dakota. Guests enjoyed traditional Native American dance and drumming, music from Le Vent du Nord, and wonderfully prepared meal of contemporary and traditional Native American foods.

Le Vent Du Nord in Rice Lake, WI

Staff pose for a photo

By Emily Anderson, Photos by Stephen Manuszak

Le Vent Du Nord resumed their tour in Rice Lake, WI after a couple of weeks back with their families in Quebec. The group charmed the community and made some new fans in Wisconsin. Big thanks to Samantha Heathman at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County for putting together an amazing residency and warmly welcoming Le Vent Du Nord into the community.