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Baladino in Midland, MI

Outdoor group photo

By Eric Young Smith

Baladino and Arts Midwest World Fest would like to thank Debbie Anderson and Mara Simanskey for their incredible work in paving the way for a great week in Michigan with Midland Center for the Arts. Below are some photos of the residency.

Baladino tour gets rave reviews

Yonnie plays a wind instrument for children in the library.

Baladino recently wrapped up their week in Medina, Ohio, where they made an enormous impression on the community. Emails about their visit are pouring in to Program Director Ken Carlson’s inbox, and we wanted to share some of the most memorable moments from this residency.

Baladino in Medina, OH

By Eric Young Smith

Baladino arrived in Medina, Ohio on Sunday, October 6, 2013 and were greeted with a warm reception hosted by Ohio Regional Music, Arts, Cultural Outreach (ORMACO). Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell was so impressed by the group that he announced the public concert at the City Hall meeting!

Baladino in Hanover, IN

By Eric Young Smith

Baladino has just wrapped up a week long residency in Hanover, Indiana, where they held a series of workshops and performances at Hanover College and other local schools. The photos from Hanover show their connection to their audience and their love of performing.

Le Vent Du Nord in Bemidji, MN

Outdoor music workshop.

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Le Vent du Nord’s time in Bemidji, Minnesota included a visit with a local Rotary Club, plenty of school workshops for kids of all ages, and an afternoon at Concordia Language Villages. Read on to learn more and see photos from the residency.

Baladino Workshops in DeKalb, IL

Sycamore Middle School workshop. Photo by Eric Young Smith.

Baladino had a great week in DeKalb, Illinois! Thanks to everyone who attended a workshop, came to an event, or joined us at the public concert. Read on for some of the week’s highlights.

Le Vent Du Nord in Grand Forks

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Le Vent Du Nord has completed their residency in Grand Forks, ND. Enjoy a few photo highlights of their time performing and leading workshops.

Reception in Grand Forks

Playing instruments for a small group

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Le Vent du Nord arrived in Grand Forks on September 22 in good shape, and the group is eager to begin workshops after an enjoyable gathering at the home of North Valley Arts Council Director, Marie Strinden.

Chicago and Madison World Music Festivals

Baladino at the Chicago World Music Festival.

Baladino performed at the Constellation on September 19 as part of the Chicago World Music Festival. The ensemble was very well-received, with approximately 100 people in attendance at this cozy venue.

Interview with Baladino's Yonnie Dror

Yonnie plays the flute during a school workshop. Photo by Eric Young Smith.

We asked Yonnie Dror a few questions in advance of Baladino’s upcoming Arts Midwest World Fest tour. Learn about what Yonnie is looking forward to on this tour, why he loves making pasta, and how he got his start playing wind instruments.