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Learning about Israel and Québec, Canada

A plate of poutine (fried potatoes with cheese curds and gravy)

By Stephen Manuszak / Arts Midwest

As we get ready for two exciting years of music with Arts Midwest World Fest, we’re also eager to learn about the artists who will be visiting us from Israel and Québec, Canada.

What is Israel like? Is it hot there? What kind of instruments do they play in Québec? What foods to they eat, and how do you say, “Hello?”

Check out our study guides on Israel and Québec to learn more, and keep watching for guides on China and Brazil!

White egrets deliver a beautiful message in Saugatuck, MI

Great white egret in flight.

Emiko Susilo, the Assistant Artistic Director of Çudamani, told us about a moving experience the ensemble had in Saugatuck, Michigan following the public concert. Stories like these demonstrate again and again that Arts Midwest World Fest is helping us connect in meaningful ways!

Gracious hosts in Detroit Lakes, MN

People standing in the kitchen at a party.

Tarim enjoyed a lovely social event at the home of Greg and Marcia Potvin in Detroit Lakes, MN. The evening was a wonderful connection for everyone as Greg and Marcia’s note below demonstrates:

Tarim offers a workshop at the Detroit Lakes, MN public library

On Tuesday, April 23rd, the Detroit Lakes Library Club hosted Tarim for a small performance and workshop.

Tarim enjoys a visit to Wausau City Hall

Group photo of Tarim at City Hall in Wausau, WI.

The members of Tarim really enjoyed their visit to City Hall in Wausau, Wisconsin! The group was a guest of Mayor Jim Tipple. In this photo, the mayor is to the left of the flag, and Bahtiyar, the director of Tarim is standing to the right of the flag. Next to him is Ed Piatti from 3M.

Honeywell Center hosts Çudamani

Group photo outside, leaning on a fence.

By By Teresa Galley

What an incredible week of music, dance, and cultural exchange in Wabash, Indiana!

Çudamani arrived at the Honeywell Center on Sunday to be greeted by 125 guests and Mayor Bob Vanlandingham. As part of the welcome reception for the final installment of Arts Midwest World Fest, the Honeywell Center’s own youth choir, Vocal Impact, sang in both Balinese and English, inviting the musicians to sing along as their parents and other guests watched.

As the Education and Outreach Manager at the Honeywell Center, I introduced Çudamani’s Assistant Director, Emiko.

Çudamani in Elyria, Ohio

Waving goodbye to the enthusiastic audience at Murray Ridge School.

Çudamani has been hard at work on their spring Arts Midwest World Fest tour! Here are some photos from their week in Elyria, Ohio.

Introducing Baladino and Le Vent du Nord

We've got two great groups lined up so far for the next season of Arts Midwest World Fest. Baladino, from Israel, and Le Vent du Nord, from Quebec, will tour the Midwest beginning fall 2013.

Baladino band member Yonnie Dror is no stranger to Arts Midwest World Fest, having toured previously with Yamma Ensemble. His new ensemble is a fun mix of different Israeli folk sounds.

Working in the community helps international musicians to see the real America

Artist workshop with children in Indiana. Photo by Lindajoy Fenley.

By Arts Midwest

The music ensemble Qawal Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers conducted a residency tour with Arts Midwest World Fest in fall 2012. At the end of the tour, the group’s tour manager, Shigeyo Henriquez, interviewed three of the brothers—Zafeeruddin, Rasheed, and Ehtishamuddin—about their most memorable moments from the tour. These are their responses.

Wishing for peace and harmony

Caravanserai rehearsal at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2011.

By Muhammad Najmuddin

Muhammad Najmuddin is the eldest brother and leader of Qawal Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers. The ensemble conducted residency tours in the U.S. with Arts Midwest’s Caravanserai in fall 2011 and Arts Midwest World Fest in fall 2012.

Almost one month has passed, and we are still remembering the precious moments we spent in the U.S.A.

It was our pleasant pride to work toward the noble cause of bridging the gap between Pakistan and the U.S.A.