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Announcing the Arts Midwest World Fest 2015–2017 season

After another successful season of touring extraordinary music ensembles from around the world to our region, we are excited to announce the 2015–2017 season of Arts Midwest World Fest artists and communities. While planning is still in high gear, three of four ensembles have already been selected for this season.

Paulo Padilha and Group in Indiana

By Beto González

When Paulo Padilha and Group had pretty much lost all hope of ever being warm again, along comes a positively pleasant week of weather in the lovely Hanover and Madison, Indiana area.

Paulo Padilha and Group in DeKalb, IL

By Beto González

Nearly all of Paulo’s residency weeks have included workshops for large audiences and also opportunities to meet with people more personally. It’s really nice when this happens because the musicians get to enjoy the energy of the large audiences, but also really meet people in the smaller workshop groups.

DeKalb is a wonderful example of this and Paulo Padilha and Group really enjoyed the week.

Paulo Padilha and Group in Midland, MI

By Beto González

Paulo Padilha and group had a great visit in Midland, Michigan. The weather continued cold most of the week and what better way to warm up than to dance to catchy Brazilian rhythms.

Paulo Padilha and Group in Medina, OH

By Beto González

Tours never go exactly as planned, and such was the case with Paulo Padilha and Group’s visit to the Medina, Ohio area last week. The winds howled, snow fell by the shovels full, and temperatures fell to dangerous lows that cancelled schools and our workshops with them. Our Brazilian boys wondered just what they had gotten themselves into.

Shanren in Grand Forks, ND

By Shigeyo Henriquez

The last of Shanren’s nine weeks with Arts Midwest World Fest ended in Grand Forks, ND. The temperature was the coldest of all, yet we found people to be warm and welcoming.

Paulo Padilha and Group arrive in Harrisburg, PA

By Beto González

Paulo Padilha and Group arrived in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, last week to find snow covered lawns and fields—quite a sight for our warm weather friends from Brazil!

Shanren in Sisseton, SD

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Last week, Shanren hosted a unique exchange in Sisseton and the surrounding area. In this post road manager Shigeyo Henriquez shares photos and stories from their week in South Dakota.

Shanren in Bemidji, MN

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Last week, Shanren explored Bemidji and northern Minnesota while sharing their incredible music and culture through a variety of residency activities. Road manager Shigeyo Henriquez shares photos and stories from their week in Minnesota.

Shanren in Rice Lake, WI

By Shigeyo Henriquez

From January 18–24, Shanren visited communities in Northwest Wisconsin, including Rice Lake, Cumberland, Barron, and Shell Lake. The ensemble hosted school and community workshops and drew laughs and eager participants at every stop.

Shanren road manager Shigeyo Henriquez took photos throughout their week in Wisconsin.