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Shanren in Orange City, IA

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Shanren spent last week in Orange City, Iowa performing in schools, coffee houses, at the University, and in the community library. It was a varied and fun week for the group just as we hope it was for the community.

Shanren road manager Shigeyo Henriquez took a number of photos that give you a feel for the week.

Jet-lagged Shanren arrive in the U.S. for their Arts Midwest World Fest tour

By Ken Carlson

What’s that old postal creed? “Neither rain nor snow nor…” Shanren, an Arts Midwest World Fest ensemble from Yunnan Province in China, appears to have what it takes to be postal carriers.

Most of the group traveled from Beijing to Minneapolis via Chicago on January 8. Falling snow tied O’Hare Airport into a knot that evening. The tram stopped working, buses brought on-line to take over for the tram were completely jammed and taxis were full as well.

Shanren in Medina, OH

By Shigeyo Henriquez

The Shanren residency was hosted by ORMACO (Ohio Regional Music, Arts, and Cultural Outreach) and located in the Medina area, 50 miles south of Cleveland.

Shanren visits Midland, MI

By Shigeyo Henriquez

Midland, as the name suggests, sits in the middle of Lower Michigan. We followed Google map and it took us through miles of corn fields. “Are we going to the right place?” we all wondered.

Shanren visits Hanover, IN

By Shigeyo Henriquez

In this post, road manager Shigeyo Henriquez shares more about Shanren’s visit with friendly audiences in the picturesque towns of Hanover and Madison, Indiana.

Shanren in DeKalb, IL

By Emily Anderson. Photos by Shigeyo Henriquez.

Shanren recently completed a tour with Arts Midwest World Fest. They have since returned to their home in China, but the ensemble really left a lasting impression on the Midwest! The next few blog posts will be all about the communities Shanren visited here on their tour. We hope you enjoy learning about their journey.

Paulo Padilha and Group in Wisconsin

By Emily Anderson. Photos by Dean Yohnk and Doug Edwardsen.

Rice Lake, Cumberland, Shell Lake, and Barron gave Paulo Padilha and Group a warm welcome to Northwestern Wisconsin this week. Big thanks to University of Wisconsin Barron County for their work in creating partnerships that have made Arts Midwest World Fest a success in Wisconsin.

Paulo Padilha and Group in Bemidji, Minnesota

By Emily Anderson

Paulo Padilha and Group’s residency in Bemidji , Minnesota started strong with residencies at local schools, where Paulo and Samba Sam delighted young students with their samba beats, demonstrations of Brazilian drums, and a fun trick with the cuíca called “mouse and dog.”

Video shows the excitement of participating in Arts Midwest World Fest

Paulo Padilha and Group shared this wonderful video with us of some workshops and school concerts in Iowa. Thank you to everyone who opened up your communities, your schools, and your hearts to this fun group from Brazil! The band had a great time, and it's clear from this video that kids in Orange City, Iowa also had a wonderful time and learned a lot about Brazilian music and culture.

Paulo Padilha in Grand Forks, ND

By Emily Anderson. Photos by Beto González.

Paulo Padilha and Group’s tour had folks of all ages in Grand Forks, North Dakota smiling and dancing to his samba beats. With over two decades of experience in music education with youth, he knows how to get students involved and interested in learning.