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Orange City, Iowa has a blast with Paulo Padilha and Group

By Ken Carlson

Cups were dancing on saucers at The Old Factory Coffee Shop in Orange City, Iowa as Paulo Padilha and Group performed there last week! Once that samba rhythm gets rolling nothing and no one can resist it! A scheduled 45 minute mini-concert stretched to 90 as the ensemble picked up speed and rhythm like a locomotive on the track. The group just carried the audience along with it. It was a fun night made even more enjoyable by a special menu item for the evening: Brazilian beans and rice.

Sisseton, South Dakota Enjoys Paulo Padilha and Group

By Emily Anderson

Last week in Sisseton, SD, a community of around 3,000 people, Paulo Padilha and Group were instant celebrities. Not only did they have a phenomenal showing at their public concert at the Sisseton Performing Arts Center and share their music with many of the surrounding elementary and high schools, but they were even recognized instantly by community members from the posters announcing their visit.

Paulo Padilha and Group in Sisseton, SD

By Ken Carlson

The Paulo Padilha and Group tour is off to a great start in Sisseton, South Dakota. The Sisseton Arts Council welcomed the group on a beautiful evening at the 75-foot Nicollet Tower just outside Sisseton. On such a beautiful night one could probably not see all the way to São Paulo from here, but it felt that way.

Paulo Padilha and Group in the Twin Cities

By Ken Carlson

Paulo Padilha and Group landed in Minneapolis on September 25 to begin their first Arts Midwest World Fest tour. The group’s infectious rhythms will have the entire Midwest dancing by the time the group wraps up this tour in early November.

Paulo Padilha and Group are ready to take on the Midwest!

By Ken Carlson

Who can tell that Paulo Padilha and Group just finished 12 hours of travel from Sao Paulo to Minneapolis/St. Paul? Don’t they look great? Here, the group members are feeling pretty good because they all have shiny, new Wells Fargo bank accounts with even a little cash in the accounts!

The ensemble arrived on Thursday, September 25th to start work the next day with workshops in two St. Paul schools and a public concert Saturday night at The Cedar Cultural Center.

Paulo Padilha at the Cedar Cultural Center

By Emily Anderson

Though today is the first official day of fall, here in Minneapolis we’re counting the start of the season as September 27, when Arts Midwest World Fest kicks off with Paulo Padilha and Group at one of our most beloved local venues, The Cedar Cultural Center!

We’ve been enjoying the swing and distinctive beats of samba all summer with Paulo Padilha and Group’s lighthearted and catchy tunes, and we can’t wait to see them live.

Cuisine from the Yunnan Province

By Arts Midwest & Shanren

When you think of Chinese food, you probably think of the classic Chinese-American dishes found in most Chinese restaurants in the United States—like Sesame Chicken, Kung Pao Beef, or Cashew Chicken. While those are certainly delicious, they are also more distinctly American than you might realize.

For example, broccoli, carrots, and onions are all staples in a Chinese restaurant located in the United States, but none of those ingredients are common in China.

Paulo Padilha and Group arriving from Brazil

Paulo Padilha and Group arrive in the U.S. later this month from Brazil, and we can’t wait to see them perform! The band is fun and upbeat, with a great sense of humor.

Their fall tour starts in Minneapolis at The Cedar Cultural Center on Saturday, September 27th, and takes the band through South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

3M and Arts Midwest World Fest: Celebrating a decade of partnership

Since 2003, 3M has been a major supporter of Arts Midwest World Fest. During our decade of partnership with the company, we have brought diverse, international musical ensembles to 18 different 3M communities across the Midwest.

Capoeira from Brazil

By Emily Anderson

You may have heard of capoeira referred to as a Brazilian martial art, but it actually bears a striking resemblance to breakdancing. Set to music and practiced in a ring of spectators, opponents “face off” in a mix of choreographed dance steps, tumbling moves, and high kicks.

It is highly entertaining to watch but often raises the question, “Is it a dance or a fighting style?” In short, capoeira is both. This video is slowed down to show the complexity of the movements and the incredible agility and strength required.