Past Musicians

Name Country
Agatsuma Agatsuma Japan A masterful tsugaru-shamisen player from the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan.
Anda Union poses in front of the expansive mountains of Inner Mongolia Anda Union China Traditional Mongolian instruments including the horse-head fiddle or tsuur, the three-holed flute or maodun chaoer, and Mongolian versions of the dulcimer, zither, lute, and mouth harp.
Anita Singleton-Prather and the Gullah Kinfolk Gullah culture This dynamic gospel group performs songs including slave spirituals and features stories by “Aunt Pearlie-Sue,” a beloved character based on Prather’s grandmother.
Aysenur Kolivar with ensemble musicians Aysenur Kolivar Turkey Folk music from the Black Sea region of northeastern Turkey
Baladino, a five person musical ensemble Baladino Israel Israeli Mediterranean folk ensemble.
Musicians on a stage with various instruments made from bamboo Bamboo Orchestra Japan An orchestra of more than twenty bamboo instruments from Japan and Asia.
Women dancing and playing traditional Chinese instruments Beauty & Melody China This all-female ensemble from the Sichuan Province in China plays traditional Chinese folk songs.
Chuchumbé Mexico From southern Veracruz, Mexico, this band presents music in verse and dance from the son jarocho tradition.
Band members playing long, tall wind instruments Çudamani Indonesia
Band members pose with their instruments dramatically Esta Israel A musical stew simmering with Middle Eastern, Balkan, Mediterranean, Jewish, Celtic, African influences.